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Don’t just do accent reduction; add the Standard Business English style

Accent Management Group helps the growing population of global professionals become more successful in business and industry through clear, effective and powerful Business English communication skills. We help professionals who speak English with a foreign or regional accent, weak voicing, or other speech or language issues develop a Standard Business English accent style, the most accepted English speaking style in business today. Our mission is to provide fast, effective training in communication skills to be used immediately within clients’ daily lives.

We specialize in working with STEM Professionals.  We work with all STEM professionals in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
We support your speaking efforts for 3 years after completed programs! All 12+ hour programs offer telephone and email support for 3 years after training].
Call 920.458.2767 today for a free consultation. Our initial complimentary consultations will determine the primary needs and ultimate goal for each client..